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5 Ways an Automated Receptionist Can Help Your Medical Practice : Running a medical practice involves a lot more than just providing your patients with the best medical care possible. Billing, collections, prescriptions, scheduling appointments, and answering the phone – they all need to be done professionally and efficiently in order to have your practice humming along at optimal levels. Automated tools are an excellent way to streamline your processes, and there are tools available that can help you increase consistency and efficiency in all of those areas. Here are some of the ways that implementing an automated receptionist can benefit your medical practice.

1. Easier staffing. Hiring a full-time receptionist requires time-consuming processes for recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training. This requires time on the part of your other staff, which has a direct cost, and can also impact their other duties. Once you hire a receptionist, you need to shuffle people around to provide coverage for their responsibilities during lunch, on sick days, or when they’re out on vacation. An automated virtual receptionist makes this all so much easier. Once you have the system installed once, you’ll never need to deal with that recruiting time, shuffling staff for coverage, or training a new receptionist again.

2. Never lose a call. It is a proven fact that when customers call a business and get a recording, or are put on hold, many of them hang up without leaving any message. Some of them, potential new patients, could decide to call one of your competitors instead of waiting on hold. An automated virtual receptionist can handle multiple calls at once, so even at your busiest moment, a caller doesn’t need to be put on hold because the receptionist is busy. You don’t miss those calls, and can capture those new clients.

3. Better customer service. Your patients have their own lives and their own schedules, which might not work well with your office hours. Why not let them call in the early morning, or late at night, when they want to make an appointment, or cancel or reschedule an appointment? A virtual receptionist lets them do this any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays. Customers like this much better than hearing a recording, “Please call back during normal business hours.”

4. Improve customer communication. Do you know how your customers prefer to communicate? While many of them are fine with communicating over the phone in English, that is definitely not everyone’s choice. Some clients have a different primary language than English. You can have an automated receptionist that can speak to them in four different languages, which makes those customers more comfortable. Other clients prefer texting to phone calls. Texting is more discreet and confidential than having a phone conversation in a public place. It is also more modern. An automated virtual receptionist will let your customers schedule appointments by text message if they want.

5. Save money. It can be expensive to have a full-time receptionist, when you consider their salary, recruiting and training costs, health insurance, and other benefits. An automated receptionist can lower these costs, improving your practice’s profitability.