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7 Simple Ways To Better Your Productivity : In this era of techno-innovation, the likes of which are unparalleled, each new app claims to save you time, money and energy but some of us feel that we are getting less done, having more difficulty focusing amidst all these ostensible time savers.

In the US, people work an average of 45 hours a week, of which 16 are considered to be unproductive. In coming up with some helpful ways to improve productivity, there are a couple of people who have developed some really cool methods to consider work and how to improve productive work.

    1. Dan Ariely, the brilliant Isreali Behavioral Economist from Duke University has developed an app aimed to help derive more and better productive work. Called Timeful, Ariely’s app presumes this axiom: The world is conspiring against you. If you followed all of the competing claims, you’d soon be obese, broke and constantly distracted. Timeful aims to assist in getting everything that competes for your time on one calendar. As the app learns about you and your schedule, it will make suggestions about your schedule, and over time, will help you create new and productive work habits. Ariely calls his app ‘Intelligent time assistance.”
    1. Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Work Week claims that the major key to managing time is to manage your mood. Extensive studies reveal that we work more efficiently when we are calm, relaxed and focused.
    1. The key to achieving this calm and focus is in some views, heretical: Don’t answer email for at least the first ninety minutes of your day. Over and over, we find that happy people achieve more and are more successful. Studies have shown that happy salespeople outsell their pessimistic colleagues by more that 55%. Emails tend to cause stress and loss of control.
    1. Before beginning a task ask if it really needs to be done.
    1. Realize that attention and concentration can be achieved very simply: By eliminating distractions.
    1. Develop some type of system that works for you.
  1. Each night, decide what your goals will be for the next day.

The clear message here is that productivity is enhanced when we feel good. When we are not attempting to reply to ringing phones, answering emails, reacting to all other goals but our own.