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Becoming a Minister (In a Nutshell) : First, let me make a firm statement I believe: I say this because it is not everyone’s belief: only God can make a Minister a minister of the Gospel! I have studied this area, went to Graduate School for it, did evangelism work, was ordained a minister in good standing in 1993, but I am not a minister. I am a poet, and I know it. Why do I say this? Simply: capacity, culture and application makes a good scholar, this I have. This also makes a good philosopher, this I have, and an orator, this I can do, but am not so good at. All these last things I mention can make for a good poet, this I am. But a true minister, he must have certain principles, motives, feelings, aims, this, -man cannot give to man: that is why the Lord asked me “What do you want to be?” And I answered, “Sir, a poet!” Yes, in essence, it must be given from above.

The Holy Scriptures is a second maxim, due a minister of the Gospel.

He must fill himself up: head to toe, with this ingredient, this is his most important study: to know and to teach. Of course prayer is involved, but that is without saying, involved with all maxims in becoming a minister of the gospel; thus, everything else must be subservient to the studying of the word.

Now I could stretch this out to be a full book and then some, but being a poet, I like to condense, so my 3rd, point, or must is: he need not speak in a copied, or unreal self-applauding language of man’s insight, but simply with the authority: like the one who senses the ground he stands upon, and recognizes to whom he belongs and that ground belongs to, and whom he serves, and this of course is God, Jesus Christ personified. In essence, he must be driven by Divine Providence, not human arrangements.

If indeed he wants to win souls, he belongs to the College of Heaven, or Heavenly College, so one must, count the cost.

Now this last point, the person seeking to be a minister of the gospel, in a manner of speaking, is self-evident, He: must have a plan. Now he has choices: with this he must select a) a tutor; b) the choice of pupil he wants to be; c) the course of education. Select wisely all choices, perhaps be a critic to yourself, you may discover something’s are just feelings not ardent desires; thinking is better than acting on feelings.