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Coming Clean About Our History : One of the things we really don’t know about ourselves is our place in time. It is easy enough to believe what we are told, which is human society is roughly ten thousand years old, but is it true? Many intelligent people might say of course to this, but if they did they would be ignoring all the proof around them. Before getting into the meat and potatoes of what I am talking about, I would first like to say our current dating systems leave a lot to be desired. Some objects have no way of being dated at all and many ancient objects are dated by the age of the soil around them and using the strata they are found in to guess their age. It is possible areas of the earth were affected by earthquakes and such and objects which might have been at a lower depth were brought up to a higher one in by the earth’s activity. While strata is a good way to date, it certainly is not perfect. Has this type of dating caused us to miss the true age of some objects?

When it comes to large structures stone cannot be dated at all, so scientists will try to date mortar by examining what is in it. Many ancient structures were built without mortar by interlocking stones. How does one confidently date something like this? They might try to tie in stories from area natives about what tribes were present and where, they might look for organic material trapped between the rocks when the structure was built and try to date that, or they might try to give a guess estimate based on things found around the structure like pottery and such. This last dating method might be completely off if ancient structures were abandoned and then reoccupied. I have a hard time accepting some of the dates we have been given.

If we look at the pyramids which were recently found in Bosnia, we get age estimates of their age from 12,000 years to 80,000, depending on who is doing the dating. The 12,000 year age estimate was made by measuring the age of the top soil on it. The discoverer of the pyramids in Bosnia sent organic material found between the blocks to a lab and it was dated to be about 25,000 years old. Why is science so scared of giving us a date from very far back in antiquity? The true age of the pyramid is probably at least 25,000 years, but main stream science doesn’t want to admit that. Could there be an ulterior motive? One motive might be since this pyramid would be about 20,000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids and Egypt needs the tourists and is a stabilizing force again in the Middle East, the western world don’t want to upset their apple cart. They have taken credit for thousands of years for building the first and biggest pyramids in the world and the truth is they did not. They stood in the way of exploration under the Sphinx, when what looks like a room was found under one paw using radar and many said there might be hidden records in it. Could it be if there was, they would have shown Egypt did not build the Sphinx, or the pyramids was copied from structures from other countries? It has been pointed out there are pyramids which seem to be the first and others which seem to be progressing to the pyramid shape we all know. Maybe the earlier pyramids were just failures at copying?

When we find monuments such as the Bosnian Pyramids, of which there is at least one bigger than the Great pyramid in Egyptian, which reaches to a height of 220 meters verses 139 meters for the Great pyramid in Egypt, it means our history is incorrect and this fact has been covered up successfully for quite some time. There is something about our history which compels secrecy from those in charge. If anything is discovered which hints at human habitation in cities or the building of great objects which are older than about 10,000 years, it seems to get hidden. We are not supposed to know about these things. When the discovery was made of the Bosnian pyramids, the discoverer was told not to mention them, but he bravely announced it to the world and then invited students to come and help dig them out. It was a very brave move against the establishment. Hopefully this will lead to the announcement of other discoveries which are being kept from us.

We are a much older race than we have been told and our history might go back even before the dinosaurs. I mention this fact, because there is undeniable evidence in pictures on cave walls and ancient pottery showing humans and dinosaurs together and the dinosaurs depicted could not have been known about to be painted, if we believe what we have been told. How did a cave dweller back 25,000 years ago know how to paint a picture of a perfect representation of a dinosaur? Since cave dwellers or cave men as we like to call them existed, could it be man was more advanced far back in time and something happened sending him back to the Stone Age? Perhaps a great war took place or an asteroid hit the earth?

It doesn’t matter what the cause might have been, but it does seem strange a structure like the Bosnian pyramid could have been built at least 25,000 years ago and built by cavemen. Perhaps the pyramid was built before that and the organic material somehow got into the pyramid’s wall some other way after it was built and already ancient. The earth is said to be 4.5 billion years old. I hate to just accept this as true, but let’s assume it is. Why couldn’t man have been on the earth for at least 500 million years? Some might say impossible we have found no indication of that, but maybe we have. Skeletons of humans were said to have been found in the mountains of California during the gold rush when mines were being dug. The mines were being dug into mountains said to be about 25 million years old. It might be next to impossible to find a human skeleton this old even if it existed, because no one would want to say they found it. No archaeologist wants to subject themselves to ridicule so when they find things which don’t fit into a certain timeline, they don’t announce the finds.

We are all living a lie when it comes to our history. So much is being kept from us and if we knew it, we would have a completely different picture of our place on this planet. By the way I don’t ever expect any archaeologist to agree with what I said.