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Live Entertainment

Nowadays for any event or party be it a wedding, a bar mitzvah, seminar, corporate event, launch event, college festival, cultural gala etc. live entertainment has become a necessity. We do not think twice before deciding to hire a tribute band or a celebrity impersonator for the event.

Consider for a moment the option of not having live entertainment at your party/event. Imagine hundreds of people under one enclosure sitting among scattered conversations but overall quietness. How someone’s cough or sneeze would be carried all over. You get the picture, it’s pretty sad.

The aim of the above paragraph was to cement the necessity of having live entertainment at every party and event. Hiring entertainment ensures that your attendees are entertained and have a good time. A good show can have a lasting effect on the attendees and they are bound to congratulate you afterwards for a great party.

What type of entertainment should I Hire?
A brief description of what goes with what below should help you in deciding what to hire for your next event. It’s not much unlike Peanut Butter & Jelly wherein a good soul band always goes really well with a wedding or a stand-up comedian is a definite hit at corporate events.

• If it’s a wedding: Live music is the perfect accompaniment to the magical moments of this special day in a couple’s lives. The secret is to know what kind of music goes with the different moods of the day. A somber string quartet for during the wedding ceremony and a DJ or a Jazz Band for the after wedding party!

• If it’s a corporate event: Planning a corporate event is actually not very different from planning a wedding (Just the emotions are not that high!). It can be a tough task hiring the perfect entertainment because there are so many different preferences. The best thing to do is shoot an unofficial mail to all the expected attendees and have a snap poll on what they would prefer. Once decided on the entertainment, finalize on a budget and start talking to available entertainers. It would also be wise to ask for some promotional material from their end so that you know what you are getting into. Once you have agreed on the price, finalize the deal and then enjoy the fruits of your work along with the other attendees!

• If it’s a college event: It’s a safe bet to hire a rock band or a DJ for college festivals if the events schedule is loose. With all the raging hormones students get a big kick out of head banging to the famous songs or dancing to the thumping beats of the DJ. Of course if the event’s theme demands something else then you can decide accordingly!