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Get Your Juices Flowing : I got a text message from one of my clients telling me that he was leaving his office to mix up the energy and get him going. It’s a strategy that we had discussed recently; a strategy to get him focused and helps his creative juices flow.

I could say that being an entrepreneur is always wonderful. I could say that the entrepreneurial life is easy because entrepreneurs get to do exactly what they want and don’t have a boss to answer to.

Yeah, I could say that and if I did I’d be lying. Being an entrepreneur is hard.

Sure you get to do exactly what you want to do and then you still have to do plenty of things that you don’t want to do. There are times when you have to be inspired and creative when you’re not feeling it. There are times that are simply no fun and you just have to push through anyway.

Here’s the thing, I know there are times when you just have to get something done but I’m not a fan of knuckling down and doing things the hard way even if that’s how it’s “supposed” to get done. To me it’s important to take our own personal needs and idiosyncrasies into consideration.

So how do you get yourself going when every ounce of you is screaming NO? Here are strategies that my clients and I use all the time that help get juices flowing so that our brilliance and creativity comes through (and more importantly, the tasks get done!).

1. Leave your office. The act of picking yourself up and going to a different location specifically to do a project can make a huge difference. Leave your distractions behind and only bring what you need for the project you’ll be working on.

2. Pay attention to your personal needs. Have you eaten? Did you sleep last night? Is your environment set up to support you?

3. Move. If you’re having trouble focusing get moving. Run up and down the stairs a few times. Go outside for a walk. Get some exercise. It doesn’t have to be an hour of high intensity cardio; however, when you get your body moving your brain will move too.

4. Mint. Okay, I know this sounds crazy but mint helps you focus. Chew gum, suck on a mint candy. It helps.

5. Check in with yourself. Reconnect with why you are doing the work you are doing. What is your goal for the overall project? Does it still make sense for you to be doing it? Are there easier ways for you to achieve that goal? Are there ways for you to achieve your goal that are more in line with what you want to be doing?

And here’s one more for you… stop beating yourself up. Personally I’d rather do one less thing and be happy than beating myself to a pulp to get something done and be miserable. Make sure that whatever you have on your plate ultimately leads to you having a smile on your face and everything you have to do will be easier to accomplish.