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How to Use Commercial Beats for Added Commercial Appeal: Three Simple Tools : Knowing how to use commercial beats boosts your value as a contemporary artist and gives you a significant edge on the competition. Even when you listen to the popular songs on the radio, you will realize that artists can’t always make music that sounds unique enough to give them their own brand within the music industry. However, this lack of uniqueness often has more to do with a person’s willingness to work hard than it does with their creative capabilities. This means that those who are willing to learn and to consistently apply the tools and techniques of good music production and songwriting will have a significant edge over those who aren’t willing to put forth the effort. So if you would rather be able to use commercial beats to make a name for yourself as an artist, you are just moments away from learning three simple tools which will help you…

Tool #1: Building Your Arsenal

Even the greatest craftsmen and artists are only as good as the tools they use to create their masterpieces. If you want to be able to make the music that turns heads, gets people into a groove and command the attention of the people who can help you, then you need to arm yourself with the tools that will empower you to produce a professional sound. After reading this article, do yourself a favor and check out the audio production site bellow for products and information that can help you reach your goals as a successful recording artists.

The commercial beats offered there have incredible dynamic appeal that can help you to connect with your audience, allowing you to become a master of music business popularity. It is also important to check out a few hip-pop artists of today and find out what kinds of instrumentals they are using. This will give you insight into how the material you download stands up to what is hot now.

Tool #2: Expand Your Horizons

Learning the ins and outs of songwriting can have a lot more to do with how much listening you do than it does with how much songwriting you do. The old saying: “no input, no output” is one of the great golden rules of becoming a master composition. Many of the great writers and musicians in history spent much more time thinking and listening than they spent writing. Because of this, they sat down and poured out ideas almost as if by magic when they were engaged in the creative process of commercial beats.

Tool #3: Get Feedback

Trying to become a great artist without having any fans is like clapping with one hand. You can fall in love with your own ideas and if no one else wants to hear them you will take them to the grave with you. Instead of allowing yourself to fall into this trap, find a close group of about 10 people who you can trust to give you honest, no holds barred feedback. When you write a song,put them to the test and see how these people respond to it. Instead of listening to the verbal feedback they give you pay attention to whether or not they listen to the recording and enjoy it. This will help you to get a better feel for what people will listen to and you’ll start to develop ideas that your fans will get excited about.

Keep to these practices and be persistent, no matter how many times you may have to readjust your strategy. In time you will learn that good things come to those who fight on in the face of adversity and who refuse to give up using commercial beats.