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Kanye West Is Jesus on Earth

Throughout my life I have believed in one religion and that is Christianity. Christianity is a religion that has much rich history behind it. From the rise of Jesus, we begin to see that the new religion is gaining many followers. The teachings of Jesus and the Bible helped guide those who were sinners to the right path. It taught people the right path of life for them to go to heaven. Since growing up I became fond of The Holy Bible. I always read the bible, but never truly understood what it was trying to say. As I got older I learned how to read it so I would be able to understand the deeper meaning behind it. I became really fascinated with the story of Jesus because it talks about how his life unraveled to a greater meaning. From his birth, we see that he was born into poverty, although he was the son of man. He believed in this new idea called Christianity. Throughout his life we see that he has faced many criticisms by those who didn’t believe in what he was trying to introduce. But still he went on giving speeches and teaching many people about the idea behind Christianity. Since reading the story I began to think of those who would be Jesus in our modern time. As I kept thinking I thought one of the person who in my opinion would be similar to him. I believe that Kanye West is Jesus on earth.

In my opinion, I think that Kanye West is Jesus on Earth. Now when I say he is like Jesus, I don’t mean it literally, but more in Ideological terms. Jesus believed in the idea of Christianity and during his time here on earth he was able to make a rippling effect. That is clear because Christianity is a major religion. Kanye West believed in the talent he had in music and wanted to share it with others around the world. Many saw him as a producer that is why he wasn’t taken seriously. Since being supported by Jay Z his career has taken off rapidly. In the Baptism of Jesus, we read that the heaven’s were open to him. Jay Z was sort’ve like John the Baptist to Kanye because once his label supported him, the music industry and fans were open to him. Due to his album success he received many awards and gained many fans. His music was successful because people understood the meaning behind the lyrics in his songs. Fans understood the ideas that he was trying to express through his music.

As an artist, he has definitely had his share of haters. Some of his actions have led him to receiving much criticism from the public. One of his most noticeable acts is cutting off Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA’s. Most people criticized him saying who does he think he is taking Swift’s Spotlight moment like that. Jesus was also criticized by those who didn’t believe in his ideas. Now we know it wasn’t the right time for him to go up there, but it was what he believed so he decided to say it at that moment. Mr. West believes that he’s the voice of the generation. I can agree with this statement because recently there was a White House petition for him to release his album “Swish”. That action shows the Kanye West’s music is so empowering and enjoyed that fans are petitioning for him to release his music by force. His ideas are well received that fans are ready to listen to his most recent project. West takes on the voices of his people and turns it into amazing music. In the bible we read that wherever Jesus preached many crowded around to hear the good news from him. Kanye West’s fans are like the disciples who follow his music.

“Listen to the kids” was the beginning of Kanye West’s speech at the 2015 VMA award show. He later on talks about how he wants to teach kids to believe and stand up for themselves. As we can see through the rant he has many ideas that he believes could be accomplished. What other way for him to complete them than by running for president. An artist running for president is not what Americans would expect for the elections because we’ve been used to only politicians. Just as he said during the rant “this is a new mentality” and that is what we are facing coming in election year 2020. In comparison to people didn’t expect Jesus as a figure who would be a son of man material, instead he was just a normal person like others around him. People only expected those with the power to say such things on a god. Jesus believed in what he said which ended up with him getting crucified for it. He died for our sins. Kanye West said that “I will die for the art” by saying that he is willing to put his life for what he believed in which was the art of music. Jesus was a joke until he performed his miracles in front of many. Right now many are taking Kanye West’s presidential bid as a joke. In 2020 we will see if he will shock us again once again. As he said “I’m not politician” which is true. He’s many things, but no politician, but can he add the word president to his occupation in 2020.