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Maximized Performance? : I am often asked; how do I get the most from the people I hire? Great question!

Here are six things you can do that will have a positive impact on the performance and tenure of a new hire, at any level.

1. Tell ’em what you expect-So many companies rely on HR departments to craft those “handy-dandy,” three page job descriptions –

BIG mistake.

Those job descriptions almost always never get read. I even had a client send me a six page job description for a job that paid only $15/hr. What do you think the chances of that ever getting read?
Make your job descriptions ONE page only containing no more than 20 necessary tasks – keep it treasure it. Use it as a coaching tool.

2. Share the Yardstick – Have you ever known anyone who began a new job with a goal to Fail? I haven’t. Everyone I have known wants to succeed when they begin a new job. Most everyone needs help, though.

A new job is “kinda” like a new beginning. It is a fresh start. People are excited and want to know “how to do good. “Share with them how their performance will be judged, they won’t hit you, they will hug you.

They will, really, want to know. Create bookends, like-if you don’t do these things you will lose your job and when you do these things you will be rewarded. Most will fall somewhere in between, but some with see the objective and embrace and pursue it. In other words, explain their performance goals. Everyone wants to know what is expected of them. Oh, don’t forget to ask if they see anything they don’t think they can do? This is a great “coaching” opportunity, don’t miss it.

3. Show them where the toilets are- Show the new hire around the place so they are not intimidated by the newness of it all. Please note that I did not call the toilets “bathrooms or restrooms,” the reason is because you don’t go there to rest or bath so call it what it is, a toilet. So, it is about the important places like the lunchroom, where you do go to have lunch or prepare a meal and other specialized places. I once had a client that had a playroom where you could go to play the guitar, if you felt the urge.

4. Introduce them to the “Bigs.”- Introduce them to the people they need to know and tell them why they need to know them. “The BIGS” are not necessarily the bosses, even though they are certainly included. But, also are those people you talk to when you don’t get your paycheck on time, for instance. Or, the person you see to get the supplies you need to do your job, etc.

5. Assign them a mentor- this is one of the most important pieces to the performance and tenure puzzle. A mentor is someone who has volunteered for the job of mentoring new employees (not someone assigned the duty) and may be a very influential in their performance. So training of the mentor is very important. It is not a “heavy” duty but one of great impact.

It is important to know that a mentor is not a coach, even though they may apply some coaching techniques. A mentor, in this role, is someone who can be a “trusted” center of knowledge about the organization and the job of the “mentoree.” Assign them to a person who knows what the new employee is experiencing and will experience, a person with compassion and a strong desire to help others. There aren’t too many of those out there, so be careful.

6. Teach the manager to be a coach-With the job description, have the manager meet with the employee after 1 week, 30 days, 90days, 180 and 360 days of employment. Ask questions around the “job description,” use the job description a lot. Also use the time to be of help by asking questions, stating facts and offering help, where needed.

Hiring exceptional people is one thing, getting them to perform to that level is yet, another. These are six “onboarding” tools can be used for every hire, and if done in a committed fashion, will absolutely raise both performance and tenure. Build your organization’s “culture” now.