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The Neat Company announced the launch of a powerful iOS mobile app that complements its award-winning financial management platform. The Neat Mobile App provides small business owners with the ability to connect with their bank and credit card accounts, create and send invoices, and receive online payments from customers right from an iPhone or iPad. In addition, the Neat Mobile App can be utilized to capture and search for financial documents such as receipts, invoices, and statements while on the go.

As small business owners find themselves working in various locations and needing to streamline day-to-day activities, Neat lets them take control of their bookkeeping practices. Neat’s all-in-one financial management platform makes it possible for business owners — with or without accounting expertise — to quickly and confidently manage their books and keep business finances in order.

“Based on my past experience as a small business owner, I understand how critical it is to keep finances current,” explained Garrett Baird, President & CEO of The Neat Company. “With spreadsheets and dated software packages, I found bookkeeping difficult to do and almost impossible if I wasn’t at my desk. It took time away from growing my business, and I worried that I had surely done something wrong. Neat is acting on the problems I saw during those years by overcoming the limitations of homegrown spreadsheets and making the process truly mobile. Neat’s platform is comprehensive yet easy-to-use, and accessible from wherever a small businessperson needs to be. It will save them time, avoid headaches, and save money by getting books done faster and more efficiently right from your iPhone.”

The Neat Mobile App is built to mimic Neat’s user-friendly, intuitive, and versatile web experience, showcasing its simplicity while powerfully delivering needed help.

Neat’s all-mobile functionality includes:

  • Sign-up for a Neat subscription or trial directly from the mobile app
  • Ability to completely connect business bank and credit card accounts so users can view all transactions from their mobile device
  • Access to the iPhone/iPad camera to capture receipts and other documents for upload directly into Neat
  • Management of uploaded documents by organizing them into the application’s file cabinet and user-customized folders
  • Precision matching of user-imported data and physical documents
  • Fast and accurate full-text document search on all scanned files
  • Users to balance books by matching uploaded documents to bank transactions entirely on their mobile device
  • On-the-go invoice management, including the ability to view past due and outstanding invoices, send reminders with one tap, and receive online payments quickly and securely
  • Peace of mind through bank-level security and encryption for protecting user information and documents
  • Answers to all user questions through Neat’s unlimited customer support – tap to call or initiate a chat
  • Secure, fast access to user accounts through facial detection or fingerprint log-in, reducing the need to enter a password manually

The Neat Mobile App is now available for download from the Apple Store. The Neat financial management platform can be tried for free for 14 days. Users then pay only $289.99 for a yearly subscription ($24/month) with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A month to month subscription is also available at $29 per month.