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It’s difficult to truly understand where ideas originate.

Even well-documented moments in history like the invention of the telephone or the light bulb get rehashed and retold in new and different ways. We are often left wondering what spurred the ideas into reality and what helped to make the different mental connections.

Art review:Akron museum shares past as it celebrates centennial

The arts can help make connections and spur ideas, especially when you consider the unique ways in which the visual artists approach the making of their work.

“Reflections on Perceptions,” on view at the Akron Art Museum through Sept. 11, 2022, is an exhibit that “invites viewers to explore how artists use a variety of reflective surfaces, from placid lakes to windows, to create complex compositions.” This description does not do enough justice to the pieces included in this exhibit.

On display are variety of engaging works that tell intriguing and exciting stories. They often have complex origins full of research and innovation.

Matt Bollinger. "Discount Mirrors" (2020). Flashe and acrylic on canvas. Courtesy of
Zürcher Gallery, New York/Paris.

The museum has gone the extra length to create labels that help tell a more comprehensive story of the works. On each label is the typical information about the selected piece with its title, date and medium, but it also includes details about the composition, artist and process. Each part of the label is given its own subheading.

This may seem like a small addition, but when you are showing works that have involved processes and interesting artistic perspectives and motivations, the choice to create labels that are so informative helps make the experience of the viewer better and assists in setting this display apart.