Posted on: May 9, 2021 Posted by: AKDSEO34 Comments: 0

Time Saving Tips for Managing Multiple Clients : It amazes me often that people have trouble juggling the work of more than one client.

I do this on a regular basis, and I have a system to manage it. But I didn’t realize I had a system until someone actually asked me how I did it. Funny, huh?

So I often share my process with my colleagues, and I try not to take it for granted that I just ‘figured this out’. I know I am an organized person, but I didn’t think managing multiple client fit into that. But it does!

1. Schedule blocks of time for each client’s work. When you begin your day, use a task list to help you determine what needs to be done during that day. Then figure out when you are going to do each task. There are a number of ways you can determine urgency of tasks – find out what works for you

2. Batch work. When you are doing anything, make sure that your plan of attack is organized. Batching work simply means doing several things at once. When you are charging the client via retainer, this can be a very good way to make sure you are maximizing your time. For instance, do all of one client’s tasks during the same block of time. Or, do similar tasks at once – like do all client newsletters or check all client emails in one block of time. Batching makes you stay focused and will save you time.

3. Use your desktop. I love this one. It helps my computer stay clean! When a client sends you a document or an image for a newsletter or something that is going to be saved or uploaded somewhere else, save it to your desktop. Then when you need to upload it, grab it from there. And then delete it. Yes, delete it! You don’t need to keep things that are already stored somewhere else. I started doing this a couple of years ago, and it helps me to keep things organized on my computer, without collecting stuff I don’t need.