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Tips On How to Enjoy an Art Gallery : To ensure that you get the most out of your art gallery visit, take some time to learn about the art and artists you will encounter.

Special Exhibits

Museums may feature special displays that are only present in the gallery for a specific period of time. Generally, these exhibits will center on a particular theme or individual artist. Exhibits typically require curators to do extensive research, planning, and collaborating because various museums contribute to and host them. Visit gallery websites to learn about special exhibits that may be active at the time you wish to visit.

Permanent Collections

Permanent collections are the exhibits that a gallery owns and shows in an ongoing fashion. Facilities will house different collections based on the type of gallery. For example, you might find a permanent Native American art collection at an American history museum. Visit museum websites to learn about the permanent collections available for viewing at any time throughout the year.

Tour Options

A volunteer who has training and knowledge about the exhibits will lead a docent tour. Docents can answer your questions to help you learn about the collections. Docent tours may be free or they could incur a nominal fee. Audio tours may also be available. With this option, you would wear headphones to enable you to listen to a recorded description of all the items in the art gallery. You might also opt to simply guide yourself through the facility to view the items at your leisure. If you choose to explore on your own, get a map and other informational pamphlets from the front desk so you can learn about what you are viewing.

Educational Programs and Events

Facilities may host special educational programs to enlighten people about the items on display and the artists behind the work. You might find lectures scheduled by faculty members of universities or by artists themselves. Historians can share their expert knowledge about exhibits. Sometimes facilities host concerts to provide both auditory and visual stimulation.

Onsite Gift Shop

Stop in to the gift shop, typically located on the ground floor of the facility. This can be an ideal place to find books connected with the displays. You also may have a chance to view posters or pictures of displays that will provide you with a different perspective.

With a little advance preparation, you can really get a lot out of an art gallery visit.