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Marseil Jackson is a longtime West Side resident who describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” who hosts radio shows and creates youth advocacy programs. As he shows me around The Dream Center CoWorking and Business Support Services, a coworking space he founded last year at 5927 W. Chicago Ave., he tells me about his vision for the space and for the future of businesses in Austin and beyond.

There are words of affirmation along the walls and cotton in a decorative vase in the corner to “remind us of where we came from.” Marseil gives a rundown of the ways The Dream Center is holding space for business owners on the West Side.

Let’s do a little tour. Back here, we have some private offices. Right now, we rent those out as conference rooms, but there are people who want private offices, so those will be coming soon. Around here [pointing to a back door] leads out to a really nice seating area for people to enjoy work or have a barbecue out here – just a place for them to hang back. Over here, we have dedicated desks that people can rent.