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Multi task

Why Multi-Tasking Is Bad News : Multi-tasking has been something that many people in business have been taught to do to be productive. However, this has actually counteracted for many people. Have you ever thought I can do more and get further ahead if I can just do more than one thing at a time? I can get ahead by doing this and doing that and doing a little of that all at once. Well, in reality that actually produces stress and teaches our brains how not to focus. Many people considered good multi-taskers have a hard time with focus. They can not be precise. It isn’t that they are not smart or can not focus but they have trained their brains to do so many things at one time that they can not just focus on one thing and do that to the very best of their ability. They tend to get frustrated if they have only one thing to do.

I will tell you from my own life that I tend to be one to do it all at the once type of person but I have been learning that this is the reason I have not seen more success in my life in many areas. Let’s say you are trying to learn something new, take an athlete for example; that athlete can not take on a new skill if they have not mastered the first. They train over and over and over on one skill until they are perfected in it and then move on to the next until they have laser precision in that skill or event. Our daily lives and business are no different. I think a lot of people tend to say they have ADD or label another as having ADD when they really do not, their attention has just been trained to see, do and hear so many things at once they lose the ability to focus. Todays technology certainly doesn’t help either. Rather then retrain themselves they just go to the Dr. and take medicines that don’t help. How many people can see more success in their lives and have so much less stress if they will un-learn to multi-task?

For me personally, I really needed some clear direction in an area of my life and business and I was frustrated I was not getting the answers. As I was listening to a teaching tape and on Facebook and checking my email and posting ads for my business it came to me that I was missing laser focus. One can not hit a target by shooting the arrow just anywhere or at many targets at one time. They will miss it every time, that is what occurred to me, I wasn’t seeing the answers not because they were not there but I was missing them by doing so many things at one time! As I have been practicing paying attention to one thing at a time, I found it hard to do but realized, I practiced or trained myself to multi-task I can re-train by practice to focus and hit my targets one at a time with laser precision and then move on to the next. Though I am still practicing, I am seeing more answers and more success than ever! The point is that if you are trying to reach something or obtain a higher place there is a target, an aim you have to hit and you will never hit it if you don’t have laser focus on that goal and the steps it takes to achieve it.

Learning to be led by our inner witness is all about focusing. Tuning out anything that is a distraction to our purpose and goal and listening closely to the direction and steps that will lead us to hitting our target. A master sniper isn’t trained to do more than one thing at a time and hold the gun on their target. They are trained through practice over and over, to focus, to block out any and all distractions and hit their target. I think if we can learn to do this in our business and lives we would be the best at that goal and move ahead much faster then trying to do more than one thing at a time. Plus their wont be any stress in doing many things at once, there is a calm about purposely targeting one thing and master it. I believe the greatest achievers and world changers all have this in common. Laser focus on what their goal is and nothing else.