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Why You Need Custom Commercial Framing for Your Corporate Artwork : Custom commercial framing is a fantastic way to bring the artwork in your corporate environment to life. Whether you’re looking to enhance a piece in your office, to do something special for a display or presentation, or to have a uniquely sized or shaped piece, a custom job is the way to go. When it comes to commercial framing, it’s helpful to know when you should consider contracting a custom job and to be aware of the four decisions you will need to make along the way.

When to Get a Custom Job

If the art is a unique size or shape that won’t fit into a standard size frame, it may make sense to take the artwork to the professionals. Sometimes, people will buy a size larger than what they need and have a mat cut to fit the size of the artwork, but this can look cheap or haphazard, and it may not give off the professional vibe most businesses seek.

If the artwork needs preservation, conservation commercial framing is available for businesses looking to protect their investment in art. The acid-free materials used will ensure the piece is protected from light and environmental elements while helping it to last a lifetime.

If you want the artwork to fit your design scheme, customize it with a special frame.
This is the most common reason why custom services are contracted in an office environment. It is just as important that the frame of the piece match your office design scheme as it is that it coordinates with the artwork itself. By contracting a custom job, you’re able to have complete control over all the elements and ensure that you have exactly what you’re looking for in your professional workspace.

Components of a Custom Corporate Framing Job

There are four decisions you will need to make in order to achieve the perfect look for your art.

First, you will need to select the actual frame you want to use. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from, and it is important to choose one that compliments both the art itself and your current decor scheme. The best quality ones are either metal or wood, and a professional corporate art solution consultant can help you make the best choice.

Next, you will choose the matting. Again, there are many choices, not only in color, but also in quality. The better the quality or grade of the matting, the better it will help preserve your artwork over time.

Following that, you will choose the mounting board. Professionals are helpful here as well, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck depending on how you plan to hang or display your artwork.

Finally, you will decide on your glass or glazing. This will protect the artwork from the elements, and there are numerous options available, some of which have special features such as anti-glare properties and UV protection.

Once you’ve selected these four components, the framing specialist will create a beautiful custom piece that will preserve your artwork and enhance the professionalism of your workplace.